Sunday, 24 July 2011

Eleanor's PMC project

I have visitors for a week including Eleanor who is six and a half. I thought it would be a nice idea to get in some PMC for her to make a little piece as a keepsake of her holiday and to keep her occupied if the weather was not so great.

Eleanor loves the idea though at the moment is not entirely sure of how it all works. We are taking it one step at a time. Here is Eleanor rapt in concentration on the design part of the project. I turns out her interests have changed from the last time she was here (thankfully) from Super Mario to all things dragon.

The artist at work

Here is her original drawing on her own theme:

Eleanor's dragon
I scanned this image for her and under very strict instruction from the artist we simplified the design to something we could make in PMC:

This is what we are aiming for

I reduced the image and printed it out, then cut out the image in some stiff plastic which we will use to make a mould in FIMO:

Eleanor's dragon template

Here she is pushing the template into the FIMO for the mould:

Making the mould

Mould is cooked and now Eleanor can fill the mould with the PMC:
Eleanor's mould
Here she is with her mum filling the mould with the metal clay:

Filling the mould with her mum

A little marquise cut CZ has been selected by the mini master jeweller to use as an eye if we can get the clay out of the mould while it is still relatively wet to set the stone in :0)

Well we got the clay out of the mould and have pushed the stone in for its eye, we are going to leave it to dry till tomorrow and tidy it all up before continuing, so far Eleanor is having a fabulous time with it all and little does she know the magic that will happen tomorrow:

Rough model out of mould, with CZ in place.

To be continued as they say :0)

Here we are on day two. Eleanor and her parents have been out for most of the day having a wander round the coast here. This has given me time to tidy up Eleanor's dragon, paring off the excess clay and opening up between the jaws and horns (not ears as I have been told in no uncertain terms :0)  ) and drilled a little hole for its nostril. I also predrilled a starter hole in the back to take a silver wire which will double as a bail and a little stand should Eleanor decide to just keep it as an objet.

Dragon cleaned up.
Not long ago they returned from their trip out and Eleanor was excited to get on with the next step, firing the piece, She was a little nervous of the flame but was fascinated all the same



A quick polish to reveal the magical change:

Quick polish

I then soldered on the bail/stand and tumbled it for a while:


And here is Eleanor looking rather pleased with her work:


All pics will enlarge if clicked for better viewing.


  1. Awesome! :) Can't wait to see what happens to it tomorrow!

  2. Wow! Cornelius this was such a neat and thoughtful project for you to do and include your little house guest in. The dragon turned out great and she looks just adorable wearing it. I'm sure this is a holiday that she will always remember. Maybe you just gave a jump start to the latest generation of jewelry smiths. How cool is that. Sounds like you are the bestest "uncle". Thanks for sharing the process and pics with us.

  3. That is so wonderful! That child needs to be put into an art class! She draws with far more detail and spacial recognition than most 6 year olds!

  4. what a great project and such a talented young designer! too cute!

  5. great job, Eleanor!!!!

  6. Fantastic dragon, Eleanor! Cornelius, what a wonderful activity for her! Hopefully this will get her interested in metalsmithing!

  7. Aww! How sweet! Eleanor and Cornelius, you both did great! :)

  8. Oh how fun! What a great project, and love the finished pendant....she's a cutie too! :)

  9. what a great project to do together ! I love it and she did a wonderful job !