Saturday, 1 October 2011

Simple earrings

I made this little collection of earrings as gifts to include in the packages of people who buy my things, not that they do that very often :0)

I was prompted to try out a few different ear wires by a post I read on one of the jewellers forums I haunt. I do not have any jigs and just cut the wire and make them as I feel, most often I make a simple shepherds crook type but I thought I would try some different ones as can be seen in the 3 to the left.

The copper ones I have made from some textured copper I acquired in a very pleasant exchange of supplies.

I was chatting in another forum and it was suggested that we exchange supplies we no longer needed or had too much of. I live very close to a beach and had picked up some sea glass, most of which was too small for my needs. Well I posted that I had this sea glass and anyone who wanted it was welcome to it. It ended up going to New York. The recipient very kindly in return sent me some copper she had textured.

I thought this was a nice way of using the copper and passing it on in the spirit in which it was given.

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