Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to draw a retro rocket using draw tools

I recently made some retro style rocket earrings and was asked how I drew the template.

Well here is a quick guide how to do it. You will need to know how to use layers and the selection and fill tools, along with flip vertical and horizontal. The ones you see top left of the pictures are the ones I did earlier for my earrings.

First open a new document in your graphic programme.

Click the selection marquee tool in the ellipse mode and drag an oval selection on the new document as seen in picture 1.


Then using the fill tool, fill the oval with a colour, here I used black.

Now create a new layer, as it is easier to move the elements about if they are on separate layers, and on this new layer using the lasso tool in the polygonal mode, select a triangle over the top of the oval you have made, and fill it with colour. I have used red so you can see it. Pic.2


Again a new layer, and once again with the ellipse tool drag an oval and fill with colour, Pic.3.


 Now copy this oval and paste it into a new layer. Fill it with a different colour so you can see it, like in pic 4,


and move it so it overlaps the (in this case the red one) second oval you drew. You can now see how the fin of the rocket can be shaped. Click the layer that contains the blue oval and actually click the little image shown to the side of the layer window hit ctrl while clicking and a bounding marquee will appear round the oval, so that only it is selected, now click to activate the layer with the red oval and using your eraser tool, erase the red which is covered by the blue. If you make the blue layer invisible you will see where you have to erase as in Pic 5.


Now move this clipped oval to the side of the rocket, drag a copy to the side and flip it over and position this copy to correspond to the first one. Pics 6 & 7, merge the two layers and then while holding shift erase the tips of the fins horizontally to flatten them off, also seen in Pic. 7.


Now copy the top triangle you made earlier and paste into a new layer and flip it vertically. Pic.8


Merge all layers, and while holding down shift hit the image in the layer box to highlight the whole rocket and using a brush tool paint it in one colour Pic. 9,


deselect and finally using the ellipse tool once more drag a small oval where you want the porthole to be, and erase or use the delete in edit to create the hole. Pic. 10.



Oh and by the way here are the earrings I made using the template:

All images will enlarge if clicked for easier viewing.
Turning grid to visible can help you with alignment and can be found under the view menu.

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